Where is the moon right now astrology

Where Is the Moon Right Now in Astrology?

Have you ever gazed up at the night sky, captivated by the beauty of the moon? Its gentle glow illuminating the darkness, evoking a sense of wonder and awe. There’s something undeniably enchanting about our closest celestial neighbor, and its position in astrology holds significant meaning for many.

It’s fascinating to explore how the moon, with its ever-changing phases and celestial dance, influences our lives and emotions. Whether you seek guidance from astrology or simply enjoy observing the moon’s movements, knowing where it is right now can provide valuable insights into its astrological significance.

Key Takeaways:

  • The moon’s position in astrology is an essential factor in interpreting its influence on our lives.
  • Understanding the current location of the moon can enhance astrological predictions.
  • The moon’s ever-changing phases and movements contribute to its astrological significance.
  • Tracking the moon’s position can provide valuable insights into its impact on emotions and energy.
  • Exploring the moon’s astrological significance can deepen our connection to the cosmos and ourselves.

The Lunar Phase and Moon Sign

As per the second source, the Moon is currently in the Waning Gibbous phase. It is 73% illuminated and getting smaller. The Moon is in the sign of Libra. Understanding the lunar phase and moon sign can provide insights into the astrological influences of the Moon.

Moon phase astrology

Note: The displayed image provides visual representation of moon astrology updates.

Moon Phase Calendar and Upcoming Phases

If you’re interested in moon phase astrology and tracking the Moon’s position, having a moon phase calendar can be incredibly useful. The second source provides a comprehensive calendar that includes the upcoming phases of the Moon.

Here are the next phases you can look forward to:

  • Last Quarter: This phase occurs when the Moon is three-quarters of the way through its cycle and appears as a half-moon shape in the sky.
  • New Moon: The beginning of a new lunar cycle, the New Moon phase symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings.
  • First Quarter: Also known as the Waxing Crescent, this phase marks the Moon’s halfway point between the New Moon and the Full Moon.
  • Full Moon: The Full Moon phase is a majestic sight, illuminating the night sky with its complete disk.

By keeping track of these upcoming phases, you can stay updated on the Moon’s current location and its astrological significance. Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast or simply curious about the moon’s influence, understanding the different phases can provide valuable insights.

Continuing our journey through moon phase astrology, let’s explore the moon’s illumination and tilt in the next section.

Moon Illumination and Tilt

When it comes to moon phase astrology, understanding the Moon’s illumination and tilt can provide valuable insights into its position and its impact on astrological readings. According to the third source, the Moon’s current illumination stands at 77.87%, indicating that it is in a waning phase. This information denotes the amount of the Moon’s surface that is visible from Earth and can influence the energetic qualities associated with its phase.

Additionally, the Moon’s tilt plays a significant role in astrology. The current tilt of the Moon is measured at -26.238°, which refers to the angle between the Moon’s equatorial plane and the ecliptic plane. This tilt affects the amount of sunlight that illuminates the Moon’s surface, creating the phases that astrologers interpret and analyze.

Furthermore, the Moon’s angle is a crucial factor in understanding its position in relation to Earth and how it interacts with other celestial bodies. With an angle of 0.49, the Moon’s trajectory and alignment can contribute to the overall astrological influences it exerts.

Considering the Moon’s illumination, tilt, and angle delivers deeper insights into its astrological significance. By incorporating this knowledge into moon phase astrology, practitioners can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Moon’s effects on various astrological readings and interpretations.


In conclusion, tracking the Moon’s position and understanding its phase, sign, and movement is crucial in astrology. The Moon’s current location in the constellation of Virgo and its Waning Gibbous phase provide valuable insights into its astrological significance. By keeping track of the Moon’s position and updates using an astrology moon tracker, you can enhance your astrological predictions and gain deeper insights into the energies at play. Whether you are a professional astrologer or simply curious about astrology, staying informed about the current moon location astrology is essential.

Additionally, understanding the upcoming moon phases, such as the Last Quarter, New Moon, First Quarter, and Full Moon, allows for a more comprehensive interpretation of astrological events and influences. The moon phase calendar serves as a valuable tool to guide your observations and analysis.

By paying attention to the Moon’s movement and position, you can tap into its profound energies and align your life with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. So, continue exploring the wonders of moon position astrology, embracing the knowledge it brings, and unlocking the wisdom of the celestial realm.


Where is the Moon right now in astrology?

The Moon is currently located in the constellation of Virgo with a Right Ascension of 13h 10m 50s and a Declination of -08° 05’ 07”. However, from your selected location, the Moon is not visible because it is below the horizon.

What is the lunar phase and moon sign?

The Moon is currently in the Waning Gibbous phase, with an illumination of 73% and getting smaller. It is in the sign of Libra. Understanding the lunar phase and moon sign can provide insights into the astrological influences of the Moon.

How does moon tracking and movement impact astrology?

The Moon is currently in the descending node and passing through ∠14° of Libra. It is 402,437 km away from Earth and getting closer over the next 10 days until it reaches the point of perigee in Aquarius. The Moon’s movement and position play a significant role in astrological predictions.

Are there upcoming phases in the moon phase calendar?

Yes, the upcoming phases include the Last Quarter, New Moon, First Quarter, and Full Moon. Understanding these phases can help in tracking the Moon’s position and its astrological significance.

What is the current moon illumination and tilt?

The Moon’s current illumination is 77.87%. It has a tilt of -26.238° and an angle of 0.49. These details provide additional insights into the Moon’s position and its impact on astrology.


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